How i managed to buy burpsuite license for desired price.

The below Post is pointless in some manners
as technically i haven't buyed the license , But This whole topic show that there are lots of websites ou there like this but never the case like this .you may able to buy stuff like maybe Movie Tickets.

Hi everyone , its been a while and i got lots of messages regarding  payment bypasses or similar stuff like that.

and some people personally messaged me and asking to give them tutorials or any references or anything
reagarding this..

1.there is no please where i learned this blogs and be updated if you are a bug hunter.

Lets Get started,

So i was looking for some Bounty programs and i came across Burp Bug Bounty, So i though to look into its payment system as you have to buy Burp Pro about 349$.

so now after confirming the details i came to the payment Page
with Two Options by credit card by paypal

so now i tried 1st option and nothing seems to work right as there was a token which validates whenever i try with credit card....

so now i tried 2nd option and i clicked on it and i intercepted the request and i found the price is plain an there is encoding used and neither there is any validation mechanism in place.

and it worked and after playing with it .....,i got this ...

 boom 1$ .. or any price you wanna pay..

Reply : we know about the vulnerability and it won't affect us as we only provide license only after we recieve the amount we set.

#Note:~ there lots of websites vulnerable to such attack even the Bank payment gateways are vulnerable.
#Note:~You can try out such things on different sites with such payment portals.
#Note:~ It won't work everywhere. ...... Note it down and stop asking


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