ATT&T infinite loop redirection vulnerability

Hello, Fellow Readers

So before we go further if you haven't read my blog Post article here INFINITE LOOP REDIRECTION VULNERABILITY .

now we go further and tell you how i found this vulnerability in one of the att&t subdomain
and they said its valid but yet not remediated ,so i have redact few things.

I did some subdomain scanning using some of my favourite tools from my arsenal
and i came cross this subdomain.


which redirected me to


and the kept me redirecting since..

So attacker can show its creativity which leads mass DDOS on att servers.

Now i m writing this because i got an email from them regarding this.

as you can see in the above screenshot.
Hope you like my writeup.

Thank you for reading.

enjoy :-)


  1. the possibility is that the dos happens on the both sides.


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