First Bounty by malwarebytes(http to https redirection)

Hello Readers,

so i have been going through my old e-mails and found my 1st bounty i got from malwarebytes

it was easy to find such vulnerabilities, just keep looking at the requests and responses.

so this vulnerability was a simple redirection for secure to insecure form which a attacker can do MITM. i did some search to and found a good article here.

at that time i was a newbie and doesn't know about these vulnerabilties that much , i been through and found acunetix so i used it , it taught me alot , aside i did my own research days and nights.

"Never beg for help" do your own research , 
"Trail and error makes you perfect"

and at the end i got "100$" as a reward


  1. This effectively instructs the browser to only interact with the webpage over HTTPS. The browser will prevent a user from sending any requests to the site over HTTP.


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