Story of a Bug Hunter (My Life)

Now days Bug Bounty is common but if you see 4-5 years back not many people know about that.
but now it is a craze now .

This is my story , 4-5 years ago i was nothing untill i got my lappy and i was so happy but those days i only used to play games on it.

after a year one day i found out that our "Nagarpalika" website got hacked or so called "Defaced"
with warnings and flags of pak with agenda written on it, And thats where my curiosity take over me and i started looking for how it happened.

after that year i started into defacing websites , dumping dbs of pak (of course) using google dork some of there customized and i really love dorking gogole and thats how i got an alisas (Dorker Devil) and so on. But soon Bug bounty took my attention where leets are started posting on fb about what the Bugs(Vulnerabilities) they found.

I was so impressed that i wanna get started so i signed up on Hackerone and now i have no idea what to look for and how. then i started digging up tools i found some which were automated and then i got my first bounty after 20 days in Malwarebytes and they awarded me with 100$ .

after it all started and the benifit i got of 2 year python classes i took  . now i started creating my own custom tools in python . And i kept on learning more languages

I m sharing this because i want more people attention towards cyber security . more into offensive rather than defensive because

"if you don't know the problem you cannot solve it"

thats it hope you enjoyed it.

Thank you


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